Important News As Twelve Gates Family Grows

Important News As Twelve Gates Family Grows

Twelve Gates Foundation team are excited to announce new developments in leadership, some with Twelve Gates veterans, and some with new additions to our family.

In 2020, Professor Bolin respectfully tendered resignation from the Twelve Gates Foundation board of directors in order to pursue new challenges and work.

Dr. Cheryl LauDr. Cheryl Lau agreed then to join Twelve Gates Foundation Board of Directors, moving from her position on our International Advisory Board to be a director. Dr. Lau is commissioner on the State of Nevada Commission on Ethics, and previously served as commissioner on the Nevada Commission on Professional Standards in Education.

Dr. Craig Considine joins Twelve Gates Foundation International Advisory Board, serving as Christian adviser. Dr. Considine is a scholar, professor, global speaker, media contributor, and public intellectual based at the Department of Sociology at Rice University. He is dedicated to the ideal of ever more harmonious Christian - Muslim relations.

Mr. Solala Towler joins Twelve Gates Foundation International Advisory Board, as our Taoist adviser. Mr. Towler was editor and publisher for 25 years of the spiritual and scholarly journal The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice. He is a founding board member of the National Qigong Association, and its past President. Mr. Towler has taught qigong and Daoist meditation for over 30 years, and leads tours to visit Daoist temples in the sacred mountains of China. Mr. Towler is also a musician of sacred music.

Finally, and importantly, we express profound and enduring gratitude to Professor Nona Bolin for her decades of pathbreaking interfaith work, and to her rare integrity and conscientious dedication to the spiritual and interreligious growth of young people. Professor Bolin's tenure on Twelve Gates board of directors helped make our very existence possible. We miss Professor Bolin greatly.