On Addiction by Frank Kaufmann

On Addiction by Dr. Frank Kaufmann

The problem with addictions is that they eventually erase the adequate functioning of conscience in the host bodies they inhabit and ultimately control.

A clear marker in this descent to becoming subhuman is the juncture at which the sanctity of human life is rejected in favor of satiating the blinding demands of an addiction. 

The easiest place to see this is among strung out drug addicts who easily kill for the drugs or money they need to get them. 

This is the lowest grade version of this problem. Base and simple. But pondering this reality should not be dismissed, because in it we see most plainly the calculus that surrounds us in far more complex and harder to grasp forms.

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The horrifying ugliness of this reality about addiction is artfully driven home in the masterpiece film The Sound of Freedom that reveals the multibillion dollar, international industry of trafficking children for the lucre provided by pedophiles, one of the patently most repulsive and demonic of all addictions. That we have a political culture and specific community (especially growing in the academy, that has no shortage of “scholars” pushing a language world to call pedophiles MAPS, minor attracted persons ). That communities operate in plain sight promoting preying on children sexually and seeks to legitimize these horrors invites seething rage. 

Another community that seeks to numb the conscience of normal people regarding openly exploiting the tender innocence and trust of children are all implicated in the medical malpractice of physical mutilation of vulnerable children. This includes Planned Parenthood, as well as school board members and related legislators who work to prevent parents from knowing what is done to their children in the parents’ absence.

A good bellweather to see which parts of America have a stake in promoting the sexual exploitation of children, and are unperturbed by the human trafficking, and the trafficking of slaves, including sex slaves can be seen by watching who has come out to oppose this  film, working to prevent its success.

Attacks on the film include: Erin Albright of Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, NPR, The Guardian, and the list goes on. And this list is just from the mainstream! Fox bought the film, and when Disney bought Fox, then shelved it. 

What I think is of note, not just about the slave industry (of human and child sex trafficking), but of other crime syndicates (such at the Drug Cartels that control the US Southern border), as well as of trillion dollar industries that support human death (like the arms industry), is that leaders of these groups are most often do not suffer from the addictions they profit from. Sex traffickers are probably less likely to be pedophiles than humanitarian aid workers. Billionaire leaders of Mexican Drug Cartels are not necessarily people suffering from the base drugs they profit from. 

Arms manufacturers, their lobbyists, elected legislators, and pro war thought leaders are their own story. 

But the thing they all share, from the crazed junkie to the billionaire child trafficker in his or her armani suit and personal  jet, is that they have come to a point in life, where human life is worth less than satiating the driven ravages of their addiction. 

The addiction not so far mentioned in this podcast is the one most intimately attached to the Devil himself. This is the addiction to power and control. 

This addiction is the one always to watch for. Watch for it in the Harvard professor. Watch for it in the elegantly dressed Planned Parenthood fundraiser. Watch for it in the Congressperson, the election campaign manager, the newscaster or the CEO of a media corporation. 

The addiction to wealth, power, and control is the thing which threatens us most. Once an addict becomes blinded to the sanctity of human life, they are a danger. Tragically, from among the addicts who endanger us, a  junkie on a jones can kill only one person at a time. A single legislator or a corrupted media accomplice addicted to wealth, power and control can kill millions. 

Our job as citizens and parents is to fight courageously and prayerfully for freedom and equality. We start with ourselves and our families. With these secure, we can move on to community building.

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk again soon.