Interfaith Education

Creating mature people who live peacefully with one another in an interfaith world

Twelve Gates Foundation is committed to advancing peace and prosperity built upon all people growing in their capacity to live constructively and harmoniously in our current interfaith world.

A large part of improving and becoming ever better equipped in this area falls to visionary and conscientious leaders and responsible figures at all levels in the world family of religious believers and people of good will. Twelve Gates holds that the religious traditions themselves possess the richest resources for this education and maturation. Religion is not the root problem of conflict. The problem lies in religion failing to fulfill its true purpose: the spiritual growth of believers.

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Looking to religious resources, such as scriptures, traditions, trained clergy and transformative experiences, is a wellspring of hope and training for a new role for interfaith work. Twelve Gates presently pioneers this work, serving the visionary front line of educators researching and advancing these areas of knowledge and action.


Twelve Gates offers its own vision and rationale for interfaith work as the foundation for events that bring together people of various religious traditions to share their insights and experiences that relate to the overall purpose of creating a world of enduring peace through enlightened and mature people living in harmony with one another.

Theologies of Interfaith

The Twelve Gates community is home to the leaders and educators who are exploring within their own traditions the theological and lifestyle bases for this new and powerful role for interfaith.