Twelve Gates Foundation is open to collaboration with organizations that are pursuing shared goals. If your organization is interested in partnering with us, please write to Dr. Frank Kaufmann:

Partner Organizations

Bridges to Common Ground
To create the conditions for peace through a unique blending of the sciences of linguistics, psychology, mathematics, and neuroplasticity, joining these with a faith-factor of engagement. And to reveal exciting new common ground, helping to dispel misunderstandings that contributed to mistrust, fear and conflict among the Abrahamic faiths.

International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation
ICERM’s mission is to develop alternative methods of preventing and resolving interethnic and interreligious conflicts in countries around the world.

James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation
The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, Inc. offers microgrants and ‘spotlighting’ to individuals and organizations bettering humanity in the fields of the Arts, Education, and Orphan Care. It is most active in the U.S., Haiti, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Whether you consider yourself spiritual, religious, unaffiliated or “none of the above,” PrayerSpark enables you to draw on the faith of the world’s leading Spiritual Leaders to send free prayers or positive affirmations to anyone, anywhere in the world, of any belief.

Religious Freedom and Business Foundation
The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation educates the global business community about how religious freedom is good for business, and engages the business community in joining forces with government and non-government organizations in promoting respect for freedom of religion or belief.

Values in Knowledge Foundation
VKF believes that the aggregation, organization, and dissemination of knowledge and information should serve our common good. The failed and destructive notion that facts can be separated from values greatly harms our world today.

World Yoga Community
Yoga is Universal. Every single being is able to practice and teach in different forms of yoga in the world. Yoga should be practiced by everyone by 2030 with out any barriers and bring peace on earth. WYC strongly promotes SDGs of the United Nations.