Twelve Gates Foundation generates resources, provides consultation and support, and strengthens leaders, people, and communities to live harmoniously in an interfaith world.


Twelve Gates Foundation holds that enduring peace is possible. Harmony among people and with nature arises from the experience of life as sacred, and manifests in thriving cultures and societies.


Twelve Gates Foundation, whose present work now surpasses existing interfaith concepts and activities, is founded on its own 40 year history of  interfaith work


Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Twelve Gates Foundation President, explains the ideal of Living Harmoniously in an Interfaith World, and why interfaith might well be the most important thing each of us do.



The Twelve Gates Foundation is open to all people everywhere. It exists to serve humanity and the shared desire for a peaceful world under God. It is supported by donations from people and organizations that share its vision and support its programs.



Guided Conversations for Religious and Spiritual Dialogue

Twelve Gates Foundation is happy to debut our new resource to promote peace and understanding.  

With the kind and generous support of Braver Angels Co-founder Dr. William J. Doherty and team we  created two Braver Angels style, guided conversations to improve relations in the world of religion and spirituality 

Please visit our page for Muslim-Christian dialogue or our page for Religious-Conscientious dialogue for tools to learn more deeply across lines of difference.