Information and organizational meeting, and prayers for Buffalo shooting victims



Twelve Gates, Dr. Frank Kaufmann prays with religious, Interfaith, and political leaders,  at United Nations for Buffalo shooting victims

On Monday, May 16, 2022, New York area clergy and interfaith leaders convened to meet with New York State Governor’s office executive, Sibu S. Nair, Deputy Director of Asian American Affairs. We spent time first in the Tillman Chapel at the United Nations Church Center, then in informal but substantial meeting and information exchange, and finally praying together in front of the United Nations for the victims of the Buffalo shooting tragedy in which innocent, good men and women lost their lives at the hands of a mad, possessed person executing a planned massacre at a Buffalo, New York area grocery store.

Meeting and prayer participants in attendance included Father Rohan of the United Nations Church Center,  Guru Dileepkumar Thankappan, Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, Sibu S. Nair, Premdas Gabriel Martinez, Dr. Malik Khurram, and Raj Brotheroneness 

Pictures are here

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