Twelve Gates President Attends 2022 Annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention


The 2022 NRB, Christian Media Convention took place March 8 – 11 at the Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, TN. 

NRB has its roots in American-Christian, denominational distinctions, and the effort of “mainline Christian” denominations to obstruct the free speech rights of Evangelicals

In 1943, the Federal Council of Churches (later renamed the National Council of Churches) supported proposed regulations that would result in every Evangelical broadcaster being taken off the national radio networks.

In response to this challenge, 150 Evangelical Christian broadcasters and church leaders held a series of meetings which led to the formation of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB). In the fall of 1944, members of the NRB adopted their Constitution, Bylaws, Statement of Faith, and Code of Ethics.

Dr. Benjamin L. Armstrong was the first executive director of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Association, and served as NRB’s leader and main visionary until his retirement in 1989.

The convention is massive, and constitutes a significant moral, ideological, theological, and political voice and influence in American life and culture. The range of issues and subject matter at the convention can be seen here in the extensive, convention program schedule

In addition to the far ranging series of meetings and symposia was the  stunning arena of exhibits, seen here in the official NRB Exhibitor Directory

Dr. Kaufmann attended this conference with the purpose to advance the social and political mission of The Settlement Project, to advance the spiritual and interreligious work of the Twelve Gates Foundation, and to support NRB co-sponsor, The Washington Times, its president,  Christopher Dolan, and its Opinion Editor Charles Hurt

Here are images from the convention: 

  1. The first album of images seeks to capture the venue and environment
  2. The second album shows my efforts to make relationships for the pursuit of providential work. (Please read the captions in the second album.)

Special gratitude for support from The Washington Times Foundation, and for inspiration and energy from Pastor Robert Pyle.