Twelve Gates Foundation and the Ukraine War

Interfaith Solutions to the Ukraine Conflict 

The Ukraine conflict is the single most damaging and disruptive circumstance in the world today. The humanitarian tragedy is unspeakable and its ruinous impact on international relations is likewise catastrophic. 

Conflict should never arise (it should be averted when tensions first become evident), and should be stopped instantly once failures overtake sense. The longer conflict persists the more difficult it is to stop and the longer its deeply deleterious aftereffects perdure. 

Both harmony and conflict above all are spiritual in origin and nature. The will to harmony or the will to conflict then activates momentum starting with the first action taken. 

The fountainhead of guidelines for deciding toward harmony is found in the spiritual and religious resources of our race. The predominant spirituality at the cultural roots of the combatant nations in the Ukraine conflict is the Orthodox branch of Christianity. This community (Orthodox Christianity) above all others must be the alpha responsible establishment to bring about the end of the Ukraine war. 

Working with this resource (Orthodox Christianity) to guide the end of the Ukraine war is currently the primary mission of Twelve Gates Foundation

Frank Kaufmann

March 5, 2023