Ukraine Conference Request

The Twelve Gates Foundation Ukraine Peace Project

Twelve Gates Foundation is preparing a weekend conference for a working group of Orthodox scholars, theologians, and priests interested in peace in Ukraine. It will be held in the Spring of 2024 at a neutral location. The intention of the conference is to rise above political and religious differences and consider what it would take to extend the blessing of “peace on earth and goodwill to all men” to those involved in this conflict. 

We are specifically organizing our initial conference to gather Orthodox scholars, priests, and theologians because Orthodox Christianity, in spite of internal differences, shares a common faith in Christ which can serve as a basis for working together to resolve this conflict. This conflict calls for spiritual leaders to create bonds of trust with each other that will allow them to provide much-needed leadership in this crisis. Our initial conference is intended to foster such bonds of trust among the participants.

It is the intention of Twelve Gates Foundation for the Ukraine Peace Project to build on the initial weekend conference and sponsor other meetings among influential, Orthodox scholars, theologians, and priests. A fundamental purpose of these meetings is to provide the opportunity for genuine, vulnerable conversations guided by the Holy Spirit. We invite you to join us in asking God for the strength to stand as peacemakers in the midst of conflict.

The purpose of the Ukraine Peace Project is not limited to ending armed conflict. It is our intention to continue to bring leaders together to explore ways to support the Ukrainian people and all victims of this war to recover and rebuild their homes, villages, and cities. 

We request that you refer to us scholars, theologians, or priests that you feel would be good candidates for our initial weekend conference.