Sikh Man Builds Mosque for his Muslim Friend

Sikh Man Builds Mosque for his Muslim Friend

By Mann Matharu
From Sikhs Online
June 30, 2016

Media credit: Sikhs Online

Joga Singh (pictured above), a farmer in Punjab, in a heartfelt gesture combining all that Sikhi is about has built a Mosque for his friends and neighbours from the Muslim community so that they have a place to worship in.

Mr Singh and his family in Sarwarpur, was moved by the fact that Muslims had nowhere nearby to worship in the village, and that they would normally have to travel upto 10km to go and pray. That’s when he decided to rebuild the old mosque, using the original foundation, for the 11 Muslim families and some other migrant farm labourers in the village.

Expressing gratitude towards Singh, a Muslim resident Mohammad Jameel said, “If our Sikh brothers did not come forward, we could have possibly never got a mosque in our village.

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