How religions around the world adapt in the age of coronavirus

How religions around the world adapt in the age of coronavirus

By Adam Jeffery
April 10, 2020

Religious leaders and believers are finding ways to adapt to the constraints from the corona virus pandemic, keeping faith at the center of their lives. Please see this enchanting collection of pictures from around the world. We are all connected and can get through this together. 

--Atsuko Mochizuki

Millions are celebrating Easter weekend and Passover separated from their families, friends and religious communities as the coronavirus lays siege on much of the world.

With strict stay-at-home orders, social distancing measures and countrywide lockdowns, the faithful and religious leaders have had to find creative ways to bring their services and communities together in these trying times.

Many religious leaders, including Pope Francis, have moved their weekly services online to observe social distancing. Some have put photos of their congregations in the pews so they could preach to their flock instead of an empty church. Others have offered drive-in Sunday services where congregants stay in their vehicles and hear the service through their radios.

There have even been a few drive-by confessionals set up.

Rob Carr | Getty Images

Whatever your faith, this pandemic has undoubtedly had some impact on how and where we observe and worship. The following are images from around the world of religion in the age of coronavirus.

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