What We Do

Living Harmoniously in An Interfaith World

The purpose of Twelve Gates Foundation is to help individuals, organizations, and states live peacefully together in an interfaith world. Twelve Gates programs include interfaith education and interfaith action.

These programs are applied on bilateral and multilateral bases.

Interfaith Education

Creating mature people who live peacefully with one another in an interfaith world

Twelve Gates believes that our current world requires every spiritual and conscientious tradition to elevate the interfaith capacities and personal maturity of its followers if a durable peace is to be achieved. We offer a range of programs and materials to support this work.

The Theology of Interfaith

Religious and spiritual leaders and educators are encouraged to find the theological bases for interfaith found in their own traditions. The Twelve Gates community is home to these leaders and educators.

Interfaith Conflict Mediation

Mobilizing religious representatives to mediate conflicts

Twelve Gates is active where differences in religious affiliation fuel conflicts, and where religions fail to cooperate sufficiently, leaving people vulnerable to crimes and violence.

See announcements for scheduled events. Anyone interested in participating in these activities (as presenter, leader, or attendee) please contact us.