The Weave: Word and Substance

This episode introduces vying impulses in religion and spiritual life that has to do with teachings, and masters.

The Pull

This episode examines benefits from having towering life goals, and relating to them honorably.

Seeing Through

This episode looks at aspects of human relationships; time, direction, and seeing people more deeply.

How Constantly Difficult the Path

This episode examines why striving to be good often is met by struggles and challenges.

My Best

This episode looks at what I call a temporal map, in relation to being grounded and invested in a reasonable and effective pursuit of our ideals.

Two Selves, Two Energies, A Better World

This episode looks at harmonizing oneself toward the Good.

Boundary Lines and Goodness

This podcast identifies three important boundary lines that require people of goodness to pay close attention to.

Spirituality and India's Environmental Challenges:
Interview with Award Winning, Columbia University Scholar, Professor Jack Hawley

This important and timely interview with Jack Hawley, Claire Tow Professor of Religion at Barnard College, Columbia University. Delves into the intersection between religious and political life in India, and the impact on the environment and health of its sacred rivers and beyond. A must listen for specialists and new learners alike.

Good with me in the middle

This episode looks at the structure of good actions and the relationship between the object of your service, and the object of your devotions.

Jihadi Violence and the Threat of Radicalization:
Interview with Dr. Tawfik Hamid

Europe is experiencing a resurgence of brutal, grotesque violence in recent day, including beheadings and murders in France, as well and mass murder shootings in Vienna. This interview with Dr. Tawfik Hamid examines these phenomena, seeking knowledge of both the roots and proposed solutions in response to such horror.