The History and Future of Vrindavan: Interview with Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami

In this episode, Dr. Kaufmann interviews leading spiritual figure, Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami. They discuss Acharya's life, and the history and future of Vrindavan.

The New Anti-AntiSemitism: Interview with Professor Charles Selengut

Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Twelve Gates Foundation President, interviews Professor and author Charles Selengut on his article, “The New Anti-Semitism” published in The Jewish Standard. A challenging, even controversial topic. An engaging, important, and timely conversation

Geometry, Mind, and Identity

This episode examines the path to realizing a clear and constant identity and purpose

Peace and Lineage part 2

This continues the inquiry into our conflict within, the path and way out, and the unique place this achievement holds, even among many other blessed qualities

Peace and Lineage part 1

This is the first of a two part comment that examines war and peace, internal struggle, the path to resolution, and how and why resolution is possible.

Expertise and Sacrifice

What does it mean to be ready to die for what we believe in

Christ and Ego

This episode introduces a secret inherent in spiritual systems that inhibit the arising of ego

Love, Conflict, and Competition

What is the difference between conflict and competition? Does competitiveness lead to conflict?

The Liberation of Conscience

What would the conscience teach us were it not opposed?

Ambition and Love

This episode looks at the relationship between ambition and desire, and love

The Paradox of Self Value

Thoughts based on how appreciation can lead to self value

Attaining Our Desires

Our efforts to improve involve a three part relationship. Most people see improvement efforts as involving only two parts of ourselves

Equilibrium, Peace, and Tranquility

How to find peace among people set against you

The Degree to Which We Are Loved

A brief inquiry on knowing we are loved.

Reflections on Conscience

Do all people have a conscience? Why are some people able to do bad things?

Structure and Dynamics of Love

This episode looks into efforts to examine and explain the all important reality of love in more clear and specific ways.

Directions and Techniques for Reconciliation

A brief pair of thoughts about structures of conflict, and ways toward harmony.

Trouble in Jerusalem during Muslim and Jewish Holy Days

This post describes how better precautions could have prevented a dangerous clash that occurred at Masjid Al Aqua this morning.

Reflections on Psalms 85:10

I speak of paradoxical affirmations in a Biblical verse, thoughts on which could improve social relations in our current, tense, political environment