Jihadi violence and the threat of radicalization: Interview with Dr. Tawfik Hamid

Europe is experiencing a resurgence of brutal, grotesque violence in recent day, including beheadings and murders in France, as well and mass murder shootings in Vienna. This interview with Dr. Tawfik Hamid examines these phenomena, seeking knowledge of both the roots and proposed solutions in response to such horror.

Tradition in a Grain of Sand

This episode considers a starting point for goodness, and the advantages we inherit

The Shortest Distance

This episode examines how religious life (the love of God) and earthly, loving relationships are related and similar

The Class Obstacle

This episode looks at ways to help dissolve the conflict and struggles that arise from class difference

Twelve Gates Interview - Thomas Block, author of Shalom/Salaam

A rich exploration of the work, experiences, research and thought of Thomas Block, author of Shalom Salaam: A Story of Mystical Fraternity

Types of Knowledge and Intergenerational Relationships

This episode discusses how elder and younger people can work more harmoniously to improve society

Incrementalism, Familiarity, and the Fantastic

This episode introduces ways you can reliably increase your perception of spiritual reality, and increase your spiritual powers

From Invisible to Visible - Natural Manifestation

This episode looks at the invisible dimensions of bearing and having children, augmenting our natural and more common sense of the physical dimensions.

The Decline of Institutional Religion

This episode that reflects on the loss of two key elements needed for true and rigorous spiritual growth, that happens with the decline of institutional religion

The Cure for Things like 9/11

This episode describes structures of being human, and dimensions of our relationship with ourselves and the world that could provide paths toward diminishing vengeance, violence, and destruction